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Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborations

I am always happy to get in touch with other creative people from all over the globe including but not limited to:

If there is a project you suppose I might be interested in, please feel free to drop me a line. If you are organizing a contest or an artistic event such as an art show/competition, writing contest, book reading/signing, stage production, renaissance faire, etc, I would love to hear from you. I am also constantly on the lookout for models of all ages and ethnicities (clothed or nude) to pose for my artwork. If you would like to be considered for a collaborative project in the future and be invited to my events, please subscribe to this site's newsletter on the right and get in touch with me on facebook. For all other frequently asked questions about collaborations, please read below

1. I wrote a book/ have a great idea for a book and need some artwork. I can't pay you but will you consider a partnership?

Please understand that paid projects are top priority in my job and I have to complete those first before considering other projects. However, I am always open to listening to suggestions and if you think my artistic style complements your writing style and that we'd make a great team then by all means, send me an email with all the details and let me know what you have in mind. Just remember to type in the email subject line that it's about a collaboration and that you found me on this site so I'll know it's not spam. Please understand that I can't make any promises though.

2. I'm a photographer. Will you model for me?

Depends on the photoshoot. Just send me all the details about what the shoot is for including the theme, date, time, duration, compensation, wardrobe, and location along with a link to your portfolio and the portfolios of other people involved if any (wardrobe, stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, etc). If there's no makeup artist I can do my own makeup. E-mails without links to work samples or portfolios or offers for nude photoshoots will be ignored.

3. I'm a fashion designer. Will you be my model for my photoshoot or fashion show?

Send me all the details about the show including the theme, date, time, duration, compensation, wardrobe, and location along with a link to your portfolio and I'll get back to you. Tell me about your clothing line or better yet, show me. :o) I like to get a sense of each designer's style and how you envision your show or photoshoot.

4. We are organizing a fundraiser for charity. Will you consider attending and hosting a workshop or donating some artwork?

I have supported charity events before and donate to select legit organizations. As a female martial artist, charities for the empowerment and protection of abused women and children at risk are my primary focus along with animal shelters and environmental charities. If your organization doesn't fall into any of those categories, no problem. Just tell me more and we'll see.

The best thing to do is to send me an email about your organization or the organization you're supporting, the charitable number and the web site link. Also include information about the event such as the date, time, duration,and venue along with any other details. If you really want my support, it's best to let me know well in advance so I can check my schedule and if I'm available on that date.